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We take this time to get to know you a little bit more, confirm contact information and come up with a time in the near future where we can discuss your circumstances in more detail. This is usually over the phone and email, but sometimes can take place in person. We don’t want to share too much until we are assured of having the proper amount of time to do so.

          FACT FINDING


This is a crucial time in the process where we find out more about you. We will gather information about you, your health, your family and your concerns. We will get a general sense of your financial situation and find out what you are looking for and how we might be able to help you. You are welcome to pose questions and concerns at this time so we can get a clear picture of what you are looking for these products to do for you!


With the information we gather during our fact finding meeting, we then take the time to narrow down and ascertain which products would be of most interest to you. We then create a few proposals to be presented to you and to be discussed at our next meeting. We also provide you information about the carriers marketing the products to make sure you are comfortable with the potential carrier for your coverage.

          PLAN DESIGN

During this time, depending on the product type, you will have the opportunity to watch as we generate quotes right in front of you. You will be able to make changes and customize these plans to suit your very personal needs. This allows you to further find the right product fit.


When we have designed the policy with which you feel the most comfortable, we will then help you complete an application. No matter how well we design the plan to fit you, it is a moot point until we know that the carrier will offer you the coverage. Depending on the product and carrier, we can either complete either a paper or electronic copy of the application. Depending on the product type identified, we can often complete the fact finding, product research, and plan design, and application submission all in one meeting.


From this step of the process, the burden is on us. We are now your advocate with the carriers as they assess and decide on whether or not to offer you coverage. Depending on the level of underwriting necessary for the product type, the carrier can request your health records, medical examinations, and/or health screenings. We will continue to walk you through this process and prepare you for it. The time necessary for this part of the process will vary depending on the product type, carriers, and how proactive you are.


Once the carriers has spent the necessary time assessing you, they will reach a decision to either accept or decline your application. If your application is declined, we then become your advocate as we attempt to appeal the carrier’s decision or decide to pivot to another carrier. If accepted, we will then give you the good news and insure that the coverage issued is the coverage you desired at the time of application.


Since you are more than customers to PNW Insurance Services, we will be there to answer any questions any time going forward. You can also expect us to be in touch to let you know of any updates and changes to your policy and provide you future opportunities in helping you with your other insurance needs. We will also be there when your time in need arises, and be the face of your policy. Once you become a PNW client, you truly become part of the PNW Insurance Service extended family.


Having submitted the plan design with which you were most comfortable at the time of application, does not lock you into it. This means that you have the right to make additional changes to further customize the plan. The beauty of the vast majority of the plans that we will show you, is that they allow you time to make any further changes in order to arrive at your final plan design. After these changes are made, a copy of your policy will be delivered and we will answer any further questions.

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