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There is now a new, innovative way for employers to offer quality Long-Term Care (LTC) protection to their employees. It is an emergence of a group sponsored “dual purpose” Life & Long-Term Care protection program. Providing Long-Term Care protection options to employees is one of the most important benefits you, as an employer can provide. The need for Long-Term Care services is the largest, uncovered expense that families face during their lifetime. The lack of Long-Term Care protection can wipe out decades of retirement planning and savings.



In recent past, the only option employers had was traditional Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi). Traditional (LTCi) offers good protection for those who can qualify and appeals to the older segment of the working population. Most (LTCi) insurance companies have ceased offering LTCi protection through employees or have stopped premium discounting. With the need for Long-Term Care ever growing, this paradigm had to change to provide an alternative solution.



Now, new policy designs have linked both Long-Term Care protection and life insurance protection together. An employee purchases a base amount of life insurance and receives double that amount in Long-Term Care protection. For example, after purchasing a $100,000 life insurance policy, if the employee dies without needing Long-Term Care services, then $100,000 is paid out to their beneficiaries. If the employee needs services, then they will receive up to $200,000 and will receive a paid-up life policy even if all the LTC benefits are exhausted.



– Dual purpose life and LTC coverage insures the biggest financial risks faced during

   their lifetime

– Guaranteed issue coverage available to full-time employees and spouses

– Up to $1,000,000 of total LTC protection available

– Ability to customize coverage to desired amounts

– 90-calendar day elimination period

– Premiums are waived while receiving LTC benefits

– Client receives CASH benefits at the time of claim

– Beneficiary receives a death benefit if no LTC claim is needed

– A paid-up life policy is provided even if all LTC benefits are exhausted

– Fully portable coverage at existing premiums if employee leaves



– Guaranteed issue long-term care protection for the full-time employees and their


– Coverage offered by an insurance company rated A+ by AM Best

– A standardized coverage offer is made to employees even if in different states

– No cost, simple administrative program

– Completely electronic education & enrollment process available, if desired

– Brings a common-sense approach to providing necessary long-term care coverage to


– Creates an attractive program that appeals to employees of all ages

– New hire program automatically in place

– Re-enrollment program conducted annually



– 100% employer funded for all employees

– 100% employer funded for a select group of employees (e.g., executive carve-out)

– Partial employer funded for all employees; this is normally in the form of a stated dollar

   amount per month

– Partial employer funded for a select group of employees

– No employer funding – 100% voluntary offer to employees



– Employees pay through payroll deduction.

– Payment frequency is set up to match the pay period currently in place for your


– Employer then forwards the collected premiums on a monthly basis to the insurance company

 Act now to make sure your employees can gain access to this unique opportunity to receive quality long-term care coverage.

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