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There is a 100% chance you are going to die. There is a 70% chance you will experience a long term care situation. Linked Benefits products takes care of both of those chances. In 2010, the Pension Protection Act provided new tax benefits for certain life insurance policies that can pay long term care costs. Linked Benefits products link life and long

term care insurance into one flexible life insurance policy that provides choice and control. This particular product type are best suited for affluent and high-net worth individuals looking for both long term care coverage with the financial protection of life insurance and flexibility of benefit use. These high-net worth individuals could self-insure, and may have a difficulty seeing the need for long term care insurance and having to pay ongoing premiums. There’s a death benefit to leave to your heirs and funds for long term care situations.


Play it Safe – “I want to be protected no matter what” Designed to cover both life and long term care needs and if long term care benefits are not used, death benefits will still be there.

Retain Control – “I want to access my money when  I need it” An opportunity to get it and then forget it by having no ongoing premiums or possible rate increases and provides that ability later on to get your many back if not needed.

Bang for My Buck – “I want to get maximum value for my money” Provides an instant leverage, interest bearing and tax free vehicle that turns every dollar invested in as high as $6.


SCENARIO #1 - What If You Never Need Long Term Care?

If you don’t end up needing the long term care benefits, you can rest assure that the death benefit received is going to be more than the money you invested invested.

SCENARIO #2 - What If I Use Some of My Long Term Care Benefits?

If you were to use a percentage of your long term care benefits, the same percentage will be taken off of your death benefit.

SCENARIO #3 What If I Use All of My Long Term Care Benefits?

When your long term care benefits are exhausted, instead of seeing your death benefit decrease by the same percentage, there is still a guaranteed amount of your death benefit that will always be there.

SCENARIO #4 - What If I Change My Mind?

If you decide a couple years down the road that your money would be better served somewhere else that you have the option to take your money back in full.

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