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ELIESE BASTIAN - Eliese has a passion for helping people and decided to make a jump from focusing on those with special needs to those with Long Term Care needs. Her mission is to find the perfect recipe for peace of mind and long term care. Eliese came into the insurance business officially in the past two years, while unofficially for the past 20 years.

Eliese graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in severe disabilities. She has worked as a teacher, home health care aide, as well as in the private

sector. Once she had children, she decided to take a break from the world of disabilities to nurture her children. She has, however, come out of "retirement" in an effort to work with nurses all over the country find the perfect recipe for peace of mind and long term care.

Eliese is married to Landon, whom she met and fell in love with in college. Together they have two beautiful daughters, Madilyn and Carly. Both still young, they keep Landon and Eliese on their toes! As a family they love to be outside, play games, have homemade pizza nights and consider themselves local tourists. When not in the office, Eliese typically moves the party into the kitchen. An avid cook, she loves to try her hand at recipes from all around the world. When not thinking about, making, or eating food, you are likely to find Eliese enjoying time with her family or relaxing at the piano. Her main focus is traditional Long Term Care, but goes beyond that by being focused on other Long Term Care alternative products. Eliese is licensed in the follow states: CO, ID, KS, TX. If you wish to reach her directly, her contact information is below.



CELL PHONE: (208) 871-5795

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